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Welcome to the YMCA FIT TO FIGHT Wellness Program for Cancer Patients. Our program is designed to help the patient maximize quality of life and minimize the side effects that cancer treatments can have on our bodies. If you are currently undergoing treatment for cancer or have received treatment in the past five years, you are eligible to participate. FIT TO FIGHT is a partnership with Heart of the Valley YMCA, Clearview Cancer Institute and the Russel Hill Cancer Foundation. Let’s get started!

Register for the Fit to Fight Program. Register online or stop by the Member Services Desk at one of our YMCAs. After you register for the program, our Health Initiatives Coordinator will contact you to schedule your program orientation. Authorization is required to participate in Fit to Fight.

Work your program. Your personalized Fit to Fight Wellness Program is comprised of twelve weeks of exercise routines, sessions with your Wellness Coach, Walk and Tone classes and an educational seminar. Your commitment to the program and to yourself is to exercise at least three days a week for at least 30 minutes each time at the YMCA on your own schedule.

Celebrate! At the conclusion of your program will be an opportunity to really relish your success and explore where you want to go from there – maybe join a fitness class or try a new workout routine! Our YMCA staff will be here every step of the way to help you create a continued plan for a strong and healthy future.

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Program Details

The FIT TO FIGHT program is 12 weeks in duration.
Weeks 1-4
• Meet with your FIT TO FIGHT Wellness Coach
• Receive an orientation to the program and YMCA facility
• Set goals and expectations with your Wellness Coach
• Set up your ActivTrax account
• Participate in Walk and Tone classes
• Engage in your personal Wellness Program

Weeks 5-8
• Meet with your FIT TO FIGHT Wellness Coach
• Continue your personal Wellness Program
• Participate in Walk and Tone classes
• Attend an educational seminar

Weeks 9-12
• Meet with your FIT TO FIGHT Wellness Coach
• Continue your personal Wellness Program
• Participate in Walk and Tone classes
• Attend your Graduation Celebration!

FIT TO FIGHT Program Benefits

  • 3-month YMCA Membership
  • Fitness Assessment with a Certified Wellness Coach
  • ActivTrax access and prescribed program
  • Two Personal Training sessions
  • Weekly Walk and Tone classes
  • FIT TO FIGHT T-shirt and water bottle
  • A healthier lifestyle and plan in place to keep your own health and wellness a priority in your life

FIT TO FIGHT funding is provided by the Russel Hill Cancer Foundation and the Heart of the Valley YMCA.

Benefits of Physical Activity for the Cancer Patient

In the past, people being treated for a chronic illness were often told by their doctor to rest and reduce their physical activity.
Newer research has shown that exercise is not only safe and possible during cancer treatment, but it can improve how well you function physically and your quality of life. Regular exercise may help you…

  • Keep or improve your physical abilities
  • Improve balance, lower risk of falls and broken bones
  • Keep muscles from wasting due to inactivity
  • Lower the risk of heart disease
  • Improve blood flow to your legs and lower the risk of blood clots
  • Make you less dependent on others for help with normal activities of daily living
  • Improve your self-esteem & lower the risk of being anxious and depressed
  • Lessen nausea
  • Improve your ability to keep social contacts
  • Lessen symptoms of tiredness (fatigue)
  • Help you control your weight
  • Improve your quality of life


Terri Keller
Health Initiatives Coordinator
Heart of the Valley YMCA
256.428.9622  Ext. 3011