Water Exercise


AQUACISE A great workout with a mix of cardio and strength exercises.

AQUAJOG A high energy workout using the resistance of the water for strength exercises. Weights and noodles will be used for added resistance in the water.

AQUA ARTHRITIS EXERCISE Designed to improve range of motion, flexibility, muscular strength and joint mobility with low impact.

AQUA BOOTCAMP This class is a challenging, high intensity whole body workout! Class is appropriate for all age groups. You will utilize a variety of equipment for added resistance in the water.   

AQUA DESTRESS A moderate intensity class that is the perfect way to end your busy day. A variety of formats and equipment will be used.  

BOGA An Innovative fitness program that incorporates traditional fitness movements witht the benefit of low impact on your body. This fitness platform uses the natural benefits of air & water to achieve the 4 core fitness elements of strength, balance, flexibility and coordination.



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