Youth in Government

Youth in Government

In YMCA Youth in Government, teens don’t just learn how to be leaders of the future; they are leaders today. Want to learn more? Email Lamont Singleton, Director of Youth Development and Social Responsibility at

Youth Legislature

Through the legislative process, teens in grades 8 through 12 develop confidence, hone skills in writing, research and public speaking, and better understand their power as citizens in a democratic society. Delegates learn about the variety of views and issues around Alabama as they discuss solutions and alternatives to problems facing their own communities.

Youth Judicial

In a three-day mock trial, teens work with legal professionals in their communities to develop an understanding of real life case law and the role of the court system in a democratic society. As part of a competitive team, high school students develop caring relationships with their peers, and gain skills in oral advocacy, research and critical thinking.

2017 Important Dates

February 24-26, 2017
Youth Legislature

November 4-6, 2017
Youth Judicial

What can you expect to get out of Youth in Government?  As much as you put in!

Youth in Government  Empowers Teens
Youth in Government teens are leaders in their communities. They sit on boards, volunteer in schools, and educate their friends and neighbors about local issues. They know they have a voice and understand the importance of sharing their opinions and ideas.

Youth in Government Strengthens Communities
The future success of our communities rests in the hands of the next generation. By nurturing innovation, fostering a sense of responsibility and building leadership skills, we ensure our future leaders will be active and engaged servant leaders.

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Lamont Singleton
Director of Youth Development and Social Responsibility
Heart of the Valley YMCA
256.428.9622 Ext. 3010