Young Legislators Bring A-game to Montgomery for Youth in Government

News | Mary Anne Swanstrom | March 28, 2019

Teens from North Alabama high schools represented the Heart of the Valley YMCA delegation at the 2019 Alabama Youth in Government Legislative Conference, held at the State Capitol in Montgomery February 21-23, 2019. The program allows students to draft bills, present them and debate their merits giving teens a hands-on opportunity to learn how democracy works. Through the legislative process, teens from grades 8 through 12 develop confidence, hone skills in writing, research and public speaking, and come to better understand their power as citizens. Delegates study current Alabama issues to formulate solutions that can be addressed in the legislative process.

Teens representing North Alabama were X-zyrius Adamson, Tristian Albrecht, Melisen Angeles, Cameron Balentine, Hensley Beatty, Daniela Benitez, Wesley Betterton, Alan Ciara Moguel, Colton Collier, Kelly Elmore, Sydney Glenn, Jaydon Jackson, Chantler Jones, Heather Lancaster, Christopher Leary, Malena Leon-Hidalgo, Daquan Lewis, Jamiya Moody, Antonio Nava-Flores, John Orr, Johncarlo Ortiz, Juan Ramos-Larios, Khai Reyes, Khale’ Reyes and Anna Vickery.

Youth in Government will pick back up in September 2019 to include preparation for both Youth Judicial and Youth Legislature. To learn more, contact Lamont Singleton, Director of Youth Development and Social Responsibility, at or at 256.428.9622 ext. 3010.


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