Wednesday Is a Holiday

Virtual Camp | Heart of the Valley YMCA | May 6, 2020

Here's everything that happened on Wednesday @campchalakee on Facebook:

Wednesday Morning Reflection Video
What is your favorite holiday? Celebrate it today!

Where's Charlie the Cha-La-Kee fox?
"For those who may be new to joining us, I'm Charlie, the Cha La Kee Fox. Each week I'm exploring a new part of camp. The only problem is, I'm new to camp, and I don't know what or where things are, so I need your help. I explore new places on Wednesdays, and then I take the rest of the time for you to take a guess as to where I may be. On Friday, my location is revealed to me, and all of you! So where am I today?"

Can you figure out where Charlie is hanging out at camp by his photo clues? You can post your best guess in the comments on his page.

Let's do Science!
Here's a crazy eggs-periment (get it?) - what happens when you submerge eggs in three different liquids?

Charlie 06MAY
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