1,000 MEP March Myzone Challenge Winners

News | Jennifer Dykes | March 25, 2022

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Congratulations to our 1,000 MEP March Challenge winners! Both Y staff and members who competed in the Myzone challenge turned their fitness activity points into overdrive and not only met the 1,000 MEP mark, but surpassed it! MEPs stand for “Myzone Effort Points” and are earned by exercising in your target heart rate zone over a period of time. The more effort you put into each of your workouts, the more MEPs you earn!

Interested in Myzone? Visit the front desk to learn how you can get started today!



HY Member Cindy Keepers, left (2,339 MEPs) and HY Staff Sally Steinert, right (3,658 MEPS)

Wanda Franklin

SEY Member: Wanda Franklin (4,113 MEPs)

Kristin Weaver

SEY Staff: Kristin Weaver (4,222 MEPs)

Darden Heritage

DTY Member: Darden Heritage (1,409 MEPs)

Daniel Weldon

DTY Staff: Daniel Weldon (2,277 MEPs)

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