HEMSI and Margarita Society Deliver Gifts & Good Will to YMCA

News | Jennifer Dykes | January 18, 2022

Hemsi 2

Children attending the YMCA's Early Childhood Education Centers always look forward to a visit from their friends at HEMSI (Huntsville Emergency Management Services). Every December, HEMSI employees collect toys, wrap them, individually mark them for children at our ECE Centers.  Toys are delivered in a shiny ambulance by HEMSI staff. This year saw two deliveries from HEMSI- one on Dec. 15 to the Y's Northwest ECE Center and the other on Dec. 17 to the Downtown ECE Center. The children opened their gifts and thanked the HEMSI staff with heartfelt gratitude.

Other holiday activities at the YMCA Downtown, Southeast and Northwest ECEs included Christmas parties with gifts for every child donated by the Margarita Society. More than 150 gifts selected to be age-appropriate were provided. Thank you HEMSI and the Margarita Society for all your support.


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